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Akpe (Bethel Revival Choir)

Tracks in this album:

  1. Malorwo (I’ll love you)
  2. Fix It (Featuring Calvis Hammond & Pastor Eliot Lamptey)
  3. Yesu Akpe
  4. Ensuro (Fear Not)
  5. Agbadza Gospel Medley
  6. Yedawase
  7. Mawu ana
  8. Wodekako (Only You)
  9. Selah (The Lord’s Prayer)
  10. Ewe Hymn Medley
  11. Mawugbagbe/Halleluyah (Featuring Joe Mettle)
  12. Mawu Akpenawo (Featuring Eugene Zuta)
  13. Akpe
  14. Ava fia Kristo/Yehowa
  15. Ewe Praise Medley (Featuring Joe Mettle)
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