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Blood Invasion

Cudjo completes his nursing training and internship in a city hospital and is delighted to be posted to his hometown to serve his people. But, after only a few years of dedicated service, he is confronted by a devastating disease that stigmatises and destroys without mercy.

He weeps in silence for his friend Babio and lives in perpetual shock over Adam and Akuvi, two companions who forgot one basic principle of staying alive in risky times.

So daring is the invading virus that not even Cudjo himself, the passionate campaigner, is spared. Now what will happen to him and Arabe, his fiancée, when no cure has been found for this bloody ailment?

Blood Invasion is an unforgettable tale, the disturbing saga of a deadly disease that puts family, friendship, and love on trial…a powerful reminder that living must be done more carefully.

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