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Cosmic Realities (The ABCs of the Christian, Volume 2)

This is the second in the 6-part series called The ABCs of the Christian. This volume deals with the spiritual realities of this world.

Over the years, there has been an upsurge of interest in the supernatural all over the world. The people who indulge in this do not, however, realise the gravity and eternal consequences of such involvements. This book describes some of the key spiritual figures like God, Jesus Christ, Satan and some important concepts, beliefs and practices like Evil, Occultism and Idolatry, as well as how to overcome the effects of the corrupted world.

The book is written in clear easy step-by-step expositions to help the reader appreciate the state of the world as it really is.

The contents are carefully selected and traced to their Old Testament origins to bring out the full meaning and the message of the subject under discussion. The book also seeks to answer some questions frequently asked and clarify some confusing issues.

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