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End of the Tunnel (Peggy Oppong Novel)

She is beautiful and exceptionally brilliant. Born into a happy middle-class family, she appears to have it all. But all that changes when her parents divorce and she, together with her two siblings, are plunged into a nightmare of intense suffering. Her mother comes to the rescue but extreme poverty compels her to put pressure on Sekyiwaa to give up the one passion of her life – a dream to become a pediatrician. She vows nothing will stop her as she fights against surmounting difficulties with dogged determination. She receives a lot of love proposals and a very tempting one from Jeremiah, a handsome undergraduate with lots of money to spend. Sekyiwaa battles with strong emotions, which threaten to derail her cherished plans. Faced with pressures from within and without, will she be able to achieve her dream?


Serious preparations were going on throughout the country: In two weeks, some selected primary six pupils would for the first time be writing the Common Entrance Examination alongside their older counterparts in the middle schools. Those 11- and 12-year-old pioneers were exceptionally brilliant pupils whose teachers felt could pass the entrance examination to secondary schools if given the opportunity. After a long debate of the issue, the Education Ministry had agreed to the suggestion.

Several schools were organizing extra classes for their candidates and many parents were also doing their best to make sure their children passed.

Sekyiwaa, one of the few selected primary six pupils, was anxiously looking forward to the examinations. She was very confident she would pass and so encouraged her friends to start buying school items needed for their secondary education.


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