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Excel! A Practical Guide to Studying and Passing Examinations

Do you want to pass your examinations with distinction? This book teaches and recommends a simple, straight-to-the-point practical approach on studying, revising and writing examinations successfully.

Read this book and you will learn:

  • How to study and revise effectively for an examination
  • How to identify ineffective study and revision habits
  • Useful, practical study and revision techniques
  • How to form an effective and efficient study group
  • How to apply effective studying, revision and examination techniques
  • The meaning of some key instructive words used in examinations

It is written for students of Secondary/High School level and upwards. There are innumerable examples and illustrations that interweave the art of studying, preparing and writing an examination in a very appealing way. The facts in this book have been presented in a manner that Inform, Instruct and Educate students in the art of Studying, Revising and Writing an Examination Successfully.

Excel! is practical, easy to understand and apply.

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