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GOAT – Poetry Album (Audio CD)

Tracks in this album:

  1. Sun & Son( prod. by BeKofi)
  2. N.E.R.D ( prod. by Jayphano)
  3. True Friend ( prod. by KayNie)
  4. My CV of Sin ( prod. by BeKofi)
  5. G.O.A.T ( prod. by George Sedzro)
  6. M’asem (My Story) ft MoQid (prod. by Snares Beat)
  7. Letter To My Unsung Music Heroes (prod. by KayNie)
  8. Amasaah Boateng ( prod. by Bonnie × Mix Master Garzy)
  9. Asamando Nkratoc(Letter from the Grave)(prod.by Mo Studios)
  10. Rolls Royce Phantom ( prod. by Mizter Okyere)
  11. Letter to the Church(prod. by ODB)
  12. Tie Me (Prayer of the sick)( prod. by Nii Soul)
  13. Passion Of The Christ(prod.by ODB)
  14. Polite & Ethical Parties (prod. by BeKofi)
  15. Rhyming Rants (prod. by George Sedzro)
  16. Valerie’s Handbag (prod. by Selorm)
  17. Made in Ghana (prod. by ODB)
  18. Ntamkese3 ( prod. by Jayphano)
  19. L.R.M.U ( prod. by Mizter Okyere)
  20. I Am Music ( prod. by Nii Soul)
  21. When I Was A Child (prod. by Bonny)
  22. Made in Ghana (instrumentals)


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