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Graded Readers Phonic B (Workbook)

Suitable for children between 4 and 7 years.

Graded Readers A, B and C, and their accompanying Workbooks, are intended for use at the kindergarten level when pupils can recognise most of the letters of the English alphabet and are able to reproduce some of them, if not at all.

The booklets are phonic in the sense that only one vowel sound is focused on at a time. This restriction ensures that the users learn only one vowel sound in the context of a limited set of consonant sounds. Thus, the reading task is considerably lightened even for dyslexic children, making reading a pleasant experience. Another attraction of the booklets is the variety of reading tasks which range from reading two-letter words to full statements and questions.

And, of course, the beautiful illustrations enhance the interest and encourage children to read the books.

The booklets and subsequent ones have emerged from a decade of trialing and re-writing.


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