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Investment And Self-Employment Ideas – for Almost Everyone in Ghana

Investment opportunities are as many as human needs, wants and desires. Thus, the aim of this compilation is not to attempt a comprehensive coverage of investment opportunities. In fact, we are not even competent to do so as assuredly our names do not feature among the investment gurus and practitioners even in our home country, let alone in the world.

Rather, our aim is as modest as our target audience. Since Stephen’s book “Twelve Keys to Financial Success” in 2001, we have seen several hundreds of people save and invest their way out of abject poverty in Ghana and in a few other African countries. At the same time, several others have asked for practical ways to save and invest. These are ordinary workers, farmers, students, etc. Their questions convince us of the need to put together two booklets, which far from offering a panacea, are meant to stimulate the thinking of these people to save, invest and create wealth for themselves, their families and their countries.

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