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Junior African Writers Series Bookset Levels 1 – 4 (16 titles)

Develop literacy skills in your 8-17 year olds with exciting and engaging books for all reading levels.

The sentence structure and vocabulary has been carefully constructed to suit your students experience and age so that as they grow, so do their literacy abilities.

Titles in this set include (likely to change due to availability of titles):

Taxi to Johannesburg — Matlakala Bopape and Peta Constable (Level 1)

The Big Fight — Michael Cullup (Level 1)

The Frightened Thief — Amu Djoleto (Level 1)

The Midnight Caller — Anthony Umelo (Level 2)

The Hyena Valley — The Hyena Valley (Level 2)

The Secret of Nkwe Hill — Marcus Khama ter Haar (Level 2)

The Smile Thief — Fatou Keita (Level 2)

The Magic Pool — Gaele Mogwe (Level 2)

Happy the Street Child — F.M. Mlekwa (Level 2)

Kodua’s Ark — Yaw Ababio Boateng (Level 3)

The Ashanti Golden Stool — Ayebia Ribeiro-Ayeh (Level 3)

The Haunted Taxi Driver — Kofi Sekyi (Level 3)

Valley of Skulls — Anokye Wiredu (Level 3)

The Secret Valley — Mike Sadler (Level 4)

Paulo’s Strange Adventure — Barbara Kimenye (Level 4)

The Ivory Poachers — Linda Pfotenhauer (Level 5)

Level 1

  • Suited to students who have been studying English for 3-4 years.
  • Sentences are short and easy to understand.
  • Pictures tell the stories and help your pupils follow them.
  • Vary in location and theme, so that they will bring pleasure to your pupils in class or at home.

Level 2

  • Suited for readers who have been studying English for 4-5 years.
  • Illustrations and short sentences combined, equally tell the story.

Level 3

  • Suited for students who have been studying English for 5-6 years.
  • Stories are Illustrated.
  • Divided into chapters.
  • Use more complex sentences and languages.
  • Introduce more challenging topics with stories that maintain enthusiasm of your students.

Level 4

  • Offers advanced reading material.
  • More complex sentence structures and vocabulary to develop your students’ reading skills.
  • Topics are more compelling such as drugs, corruption, gender and power.

Level 5

  • Aimed at advanced students who are looking for a challenge, but with controlled language and content.
  • This level is much more involving, it will make your students think harder and perhaps question the book and what is going on around them.


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