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Mysteries of the Golden Stool (Sika Dwa) – Paperback

Mysteries of the Golden Stool is an historical fantasy adventure story built around the Kingdom of Asante, its vibrant culture and its most sacred relic – the Golden Stool.

The ruler of this kingdom is very powerful. He derives his power and authority from his occupancy of the Golden Stool, the symbol of state, the spiritual soul of the kingdom of Asante, which holds the unity and strength of the Asanteman, the kingdom.

The story elucidates the journey of a thief of ancient relics whose decision to steal the Golden stool sets into motion a thrilling fantasy battle with departed kings and guardians of the Golden Stool in an ancient mausoleum.

A cosmopolitan Asante academic transforms into the reluctant hero who defends his heritage and finds the love of his life.


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