Of Women and Frogs

Esi is a feisty half-Nigerian girl growing up in post-colonial Ghana, with occasional visits to her maternal family in Lagos. When her curiosity about her body leads to a ginger-in-the-vagina punishment from her stepmother, Esi begins to question the hypocrisy of the adults around her and the restrictions they place on girls.

Moving between Ghana and Nigeria, this is a heart-warming story of a girl beating a path to self-actualisation amidst political upheaval in Rawlings’ Ghana and strained relations between her ancestral countries.

“This is a really wonderful story. [Bisi Adjapon] writes with incredible vividness and clarity. [Her] similes and attention to all the senses are really extraordinary.” ~ Dave Eggers, publisher of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

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#BookReview: Of Women and Frogs
#Author: Bisi Adjapon 🇬🇭🇳🇬
Type of work (Genre): Fiction
Number of pages: 416
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#OverallImpressions: I can’t rave enough about this book! It was a delightful read. All I know is, Bisi Adjapon needs to publish more books. I feel like this is a book I’ve been waiting for a Ghanaian woman to write for a long time. I absolutely loved how she took us on a journey of Ghanaian and a bit of Nigerian womanhood from infancy to adulthood and all its varying pitfalls and triumphs. This book is unashamedly feminist without even mentioning the word and I’m so here for it. It’s a must read! I thoroughly enjoyed Bisi’s candor in addressing Ghanaian and Nigerian women’s (she hails from both sides) sexuality and the way she tackles the issue of our agency and body autonomy. It was refreshing and invigorating to read and I love how it’s a rallying call to our society to shed off the hypocrisy when dealing with women’s issues and bring ourselves to a point when our women are fully liberated in every way.

#SomethingThatStoodOut: the candor. It was absolutely refreshing. Bisi isn’t shy at all to describe sexual intimacy in explicit details and is purposefully defiant of the often puritanical ways our society encourages women to navigate relationships (both casual and romantic). I also enjoyed and was enlightened by the bits of historical events woven into the story to help give better context of our evolution on women’s issues in Ghana in particular.

#OverallRating:🖋🖋🖋🖋.5 (out of 5 fountain pens).

Recommend or nah: I ABSOLUTELY recommend it. Just buy it and read for yourself and thank me later.

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