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Operation Rescue (The ABCs of the Christian, Volume 1)

This is the first in the 6-part series called The ABCs of the Christian. This volume deals with the theme of SALVATION.

Why are we adopted children of God? What is justification? How does Jesus Christ fulfill the role of the Messiah? What is the essence of Jesus’ sacrifice, substitution, atonement, redemption? This book explains such key topics and other related matters under the general theme of our Salvation.

The book is a collection of essays, written in clear easy step-by-step expositions to help the reader understand and appreciate the fullness of our salvation in Christ Jesus and the love of God which made it all possible.

The contents are carefully selected and traced to their Old Testament origins to bring out the full meaning and the message of the subject under discussion. In the process, the book seeks to answer some questions frequently asked and clarify some confusing issues.

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