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Pencil on Assignment

We find ourselves in a temporary world where many are focused on leaving temporary marks rather than eternal ones. Young people today are looking for fame, riches, luxury, without looking for their primary goal on earth.

This book gives an insight to give key issues from the view point of a pencil to address the greatest quest in life; purpose. It looks at the relationship between;

  • The pencil and its marks
  • The pencil and the eraser
  • The pencil and the lead
  • The pencil and the sharpener
  • The pencil and the hand (user)

The book also addresses issues such as:

  • Leaving a positive mark
  • Who can be saved?
  • What next after salvation?
  • Does a Christan skate through life trouble-free?
  • How can the best in you be seen?

Everyone is leaving a mark on this earth, but the big question is,  “How relevant is your mark in your generation and the generations yet to come?”

Don’t strive to be better than someone; strive to be the best you.


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