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Police Friends and the Troubled Children (Children’s Safety Series #1)

Police Friends and the Troubled Children is the first of the Children’s Safety Series by J.B. Pokoo-Aikins. It is made up of African stories that provide entertainment as well as road safety guidelines that can help children to stay safe on the road.

The book tells about Toli, a child who fell into trouble at a lorry station where he had gone to pick two coins from the bowl of a blind beggar. It also tells about the story of Mina who took her safety for granted and eventually allowed Dog and Tiger to enter her father’s room to eat the roasted meat that had been stored by her father.

The book also provides some self-protection guidelines that enable people to stay safe wherever they may be.

The visit of Toli and Aba to the Police station made them learn and become interested in what the various units do to help the public and also what the public should do to help the police.

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