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Stones Tell Stories at Osu

Stones Tell Story at Osu is a creative biographical account of the Slave Trade at Osu, one of the leading slave trading centres off the West African Coast.

Wellington employs a metaphorical device through the voice of the narrator, Ataa Forkoye, to provoke discussion, dissolve the shame and confusion associated with the slave trade and to persuade the current generation of Africans to abandon the taboo of not speaking about it.

Wellington, an architect by profession, does this by rummaging through the remaining physical ruins of the slave trade, picks up the stones one by one to construct a compelling narrative through the amalgam of values, conflicting colonial hegemony, layers of economic syncretism and the collision of cultures to bring to life the force of the relationship between the Europeans and their African counterparts.

Stones Tell Story at Osu has brought together the untold “fragmented” pieces of the story of the slave trade this side of the Atlantic and serves as the missing puzzle to those who seek answers.

Wellington’s rich narrative style still shines in this long-awaited second edition, a book that will tug at the curiosity of historians, anthropologists and students of English and Literature in high schools and universities alike and an engaging traveling companion that resists being laid down.

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