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Tahinta: A Rhythm Play for Children (Audiobook)

First published as Tahinta! and Vulture Vulture! Two Rhythm Plays for Children by Efua T. Sutherland, the audiobook edition illustrated by Edmund Opare is an irresistible invitation to join the young narrator as he moves the story along with the encouragement of the chorus.

The children of Mmofra Foundation’s Language Club perform the audiobook version, featuring Nii Noi Osuteye as the boy, Maria Bossman as the father, and a group of Language Club members as the chorus.

The Adehyeman Group provides the percussive beat which carries the story.

About the Book

Tahinta is a story with a beat. It is about a boy went fishing in the River Birim. He set his fish-trap in the water. He cast his net but when he drew it out, it was empty. He began to look unhappy. But just when he was getting ready to go home, something came walking across the river. You will find out what it was.


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With the paced tempo, instrumental demonstrations and sampling of traditional children’s songs, this audio-book is accessible to all children in the 4 – 9 age group.

GHS10 to deliver within Accra and Tema. Delivery outside the Accra/Tema for GHS20.

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