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The Adventures of Kobby Badu-Smith: A Space Adventure

Stowed away on the first Canadian Space Shuttle, Kobby can’t believe his last minute plan has worked. Bouncing in zero gravity (or close to it!), eating freeze-dried ice cream, playing with computers that can teleport him from the shuttle lounge back to his shuttle cabin at the wink of an eye…he’s having so much fun it’d suck if it had to end too soon. And then it happens…the email that sends shivers down his spine and sends him spinning into orbit…literally!

“The characters come alive in a heartwarming way…children would want to meet these characters. It’s wonderful to see a Ghanaian child go into Space!” E. Apea, Ghanaian Educator

“I would use this book as a literacy builder.” C.G.R., Teacher

“I wish I was Kobby!” K.A., Grade 5

“As an aspiring grade-school teacher, reading this very entertaining story reminded me of concepts that I had learned years ago. I now feel confident enough to explain special relativity to children in a way that makes sense to them because it now makes sense to me!” L.M., Teacher

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