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The Black Heel (Peggy Oppong Novel)

Everything was going on smoothly for her and the future appeared secured until a shocking betrayal shatters everything Naomi had lived for. In the bleak darkness that follows she is forced to make a choice — to return to the past or wade towards the flickering light that beckoned her.



It was a Friday, in August 1990. As usual, workers and unemployed alike were looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Fun lovers in particular juggled through several options: There were beach programmes, much-touted disco all-night sessions and a few guided tours to attractive tourist centres around the country and for the young who loved fun but counted the cost to their pockets, the much-publicized charity ball by Ghana’s sensational reigning beauty queen Zimka, and Miss World Diane Oss ranked first on the list of their weekend programme.

It was to be a free, open-to-all-affair sponsored by several companies, which took advantage of the occasion to promote their products. The continental and local dishes on offer were to be sponsored by Red Fingers Hotel, while beer, which the advertisers said was to be in abundance like a river which had overflowed its banks, was to be provided by The Local Brewers Company.

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