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The Boy In Love

In what could’ve been love or infatuation, his life rose and sunk from as early as 6 years old. His life from that point on was about who loved him and who he loved: to study, eat, dream, make friends, to excel.

Yes, why would he eat, study or excel at anything when he has had a broken heart or is deeply satisfied with an affection for a certain girl?

30 years on and looking at Rebecca now, he can finally and clearly tell what he felt then to now. He sees beyond feelings. He sees his capacity to provide for a woman; to understand them and care for them; to reason with them and plan a life worthwhile. And he sees it not in gruesome years of waiting (amidst the impatience) but just a decision away.

The joy to finally marry in love and with the loved was abounding. But his fear of the emotional turmoil of his past made him doubt his capacity to love and cherish this woman so.

Only if he had had patience…

Only if he had waited…

Only if he had talked to someone…

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