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The Genesis of Marriage

This manual captures the studies and experiences accumulated by the authors from more than 60 years of counselling large groups in churches as well as hundreds of copies around the world. It is our strong belief that our fellow marriage counsellors will find the contents of this manual particularly helpful.

In preparing this manual, we have been guided by the following principles that married couples or those intending to marry need to have:

  • the right understanding about marriage as God intended it
  • basic biblical and additional knowledge
  • commitment to each other
  • the willingness to work for a happy marriage in order to realise its full blessings

The material here is also designed to be used individually by singles, privately by couples, in small groups or as outlines to prepare teaching to large groups.

You are invited to turn the pages, learn and practise what we trust will enrich your relationships and marriage. It is in practising what we learn that we benefit the most.


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