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The Lady Who Refused To Bow (Peggy Oppong Novel)

After many failed relationships, whether or not Sandra would marry is a hanging question.

Joe, the only man who formally introduced himself to her parents, leaves Sandra for her junior colleague. But after she turns down a marriage offer from the president of a multinational company her life changes forever.



Sandra stood at the bar with a glass of pineapple juice balanced gingerly between her slender fingers. The ice cubes the man at the bar had generously scooped into her glass floated blissfully at the top as steadily they worked on her drink making it insipid to the taste.

How such tiny cubes could on contact with her pleasant looking, sweet tasting drink merge to work on each other in perfect harmony greatly amused her. She stared intently into her drink as the funny thoughts chased each other. So intent was she on examining her drink in amazement that a polite cough at her right side startled her and she was compelled to become aware of her surroundings.

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