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The Last Wish (Peggy Oppong Novel)

Amzi has it all – great looks, excellent business acumen and a strong determination to fulfill his destiny.

His meteoric rise to fame stuns everyone as he receives universal acclaim for his business innovations, his adoring fans are unconscious of the highly ingenious woman in his life.

Amzi has a debilitating secret fear which drives him to sacrifice everything in his bid to retain his position at the top.


With her lips pursed and a dreamy look on her face, Abigail slowly folded the letter she had been reading for a greater part of the morning. She pulled herself up reluctantly and rose to her feet heading for her locker where she picked up a giant flask and poured hot water into a coffee mug. Perfunctorily, she scooped a teaspoonful of dark cocoa into the steaming water and stirred the cocoa drink distractedly as she turned towards her writing desk. Placing the mug gingerly on the desk she settled in the chair and unfolded the letter again and for the umpteenth time, re-read it.

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