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The Prisoner of Korle Won-ko

At his graduation ceremony at the University, Lante Smith is inspired to go and work in his deprived community. But Kofi, his best friend, thinks that’s not a good idea at all. Kofi opines that all their mates are going in for jobs in top companies and a brilliant student like Lante ought to do better. But Lante’s mind is made up, and he moves into his family house in his local community of Korle Won-Ko.

Everything goes well with Lante in the first few years as he establishes a successful youth programme at Korle Won-ko. Then things start going bad. He has money problems at work and his relationship with Anita takes a sour turn.

But someone is behind Lante’s misfortunes. Who is it? And would Lante remain the Prisoner of Korle Won-Ko forever?

Suitable for children 7 and above.

GHS10 to deliver within Accra and Tema. Delivery outside the Accra/Tema for GHS20.




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