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The Role of Public Medical Knowledge in Disease Prevention and Treatment

Why get sick, (by surprise) when you have a choice to prevent or block sicknesses? Just like death, all around us like trees in the woods, many don’t think of it or hate to think of it. And so we get shocked when it bears its ugly fruits. The same can be said of sicknesses/diseases in our bodies.

Sicknesses or diseases are no respecters of person or status. Both the rich and the poor visit hospitals daily. The only difference is those who are health conscious enough to block/ prevent or get rid of diseases at the earliest stage. One can only prevent what he/she knows correctly.

This book contains more than thirty commonest disease conditions one can easily find in health facilities across the country, (Hypertension, Intestinal Obstruction, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Cancers, Pneumonia, Sickle Cell Disease, HIV/AIDS, etc.). Emphasis placed most on how anybody at all can effectively prevent these diseases without a pill/herbs. I believe Prevention of Diseases depends 99% on the public rather than clinicians, while treatment of diseases depends 95% on clinicians more than the public.

This book contains medical knowledge, made extremely simple for even a child’s understanding. Medical jargons explained to the barest; including rationales for medical facts for easy understanding and practice.

Note: Many preventable diseases — Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke, etc. — cannot be cured or eliminated from the body, especially in chronic state; they can only be managed. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER; get empowered on health related issues.


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