The Surgeon’s Verdict

In the Central Business District of Accra, Linda Asiama has a fabulous career as the Branch Manager of a large Commercial Bank. Remarkably sophisticated and very perceptive, especially with banking fraud, she is well respected in banking circles.

Linda is a happy, fulfilled, married woman. Life seems infinitely worth living until disaster unexpectedly strikes. When she sees the symptom of a disease, she promptly seeks help in a hospital. Diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, she and Kwame, her loyal, loving and dedicated husband, and their grown-up children, set out to fight the disease vigorously and relentlessly. They are led by specialist doctors.

The Surgeon’s Verdict takes readers to laboratories while the Surgeon waits to give his verdict. Then they are ushered into operating theatres to watch the Surgeon perform operations with consummate skill as he tries to save Linda’s life. He subsequently teams up with other specialist doctors to continue treatment.

In The Surgeon’s Verdict, Annor Nimako tells the story of a family in deep crisis as Linda fights for her life with a remarkable strength of quiet endurance and passive fortitude.

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