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The Woman with Child

Kporder bristles with the daily drama of village life amidst Torgbiwo, Bokorwo, bondsmen, beautiful women, the good people of the land and other neighbouring villages. Bokor Dagbi, who is also custodian of the Warriors’ Caves, is at the centre of the drama that unfolds. One day, a madman, one of the many that travel from village to village, comes to stay in Kporder.

The Woman with Child, a mysterious woman, who finds herself in Kporder, believes that the madman is more than just a madman. Woman-with-Child decides to take him on. Then the plot thickens.

“A very engaging way of writing with good characterisation and dialogue. It moves at an acceptable pace and offers a well-observed account of traditional life in a West African village.” — Mrs. Claire Eastland, Freelance Editor, MacMillan Press Ltd, International Division

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