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This Nation Must Change

“The President of the republic should not be head of state.”
“Political parties have betrayed the trust of the people.”
“Politicians do not deserve the importance accorded them in national development.”
“Members of parliament who are also ministers of state are doubly impotent.”
“This country needs to change to forestall a looming revolution of the people.”
“Corruption should become a suicidal activity to engage in”.

With such words, the author exposes the weaknesses in the democracy which is practiced in his native country Ghana, proposes improvements, and spells out the benefits those changes will bring to his nation.

Writing in a conversational format, and interspersed with stories of the author’s childhood years, and his personal experiences during a visit to his village, “THIS NATION MUST CHANGE: A Voice from the Village” is a must-read for all politically-aware persons in all of Africa and beyond.

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