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Who Told the Most Incredible Story: Vol 5 – Why Tigers and Leopards Do Not Mix and Other Stories

54 folktales in five volumes are in the series and are all illustrated in colour.

These amazing tales will preoccupy both children and adult minds, anywhere. The stories are simple, visualising the world through narration. They provide deep insights into human life, with emphasis on the essence of African lifestyle and ways of understanding. Among others, they hold a mirror for readers all over the world to see who we were and who we can become, while thinking of who we are.

Drawn from the oral tradition these tales will appeal to both children and adults everywhere. This delightful collection, the result of years of field research work that partly informed courses the author taught in African and Oral Literature, shapes her first creative writing project.

Written in straightforward and engaging language, the author weaves the stones out of the cultural fabric woven by the ancestors with authenticity. To make it easy rooting for readers across ages, these remarkable narratives are beautifully and colourfully illustrated, adding an intricate layer to the material.

“Each tale entertains and creates a context for creative and innovative learning. The collection is therefore highly recommended for enjoyment and study by everyone – thinkers, political scientists, writers, theologians, sociologists and anyone who appreciates the African way of life”. – Dr. K. B. Maison (Nana Kobena Nketsia V)

Suitable for JHS students and children between 12 and 15 years.

GHS10 to deliver within Accra and Tema. Delivery outside the Accra/Tema for GHS20.

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