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You Are Unstoppable: Reach Your Goals in Spite of Obstacles

Rita Siaw faced various challenges growing up including taking responsibility for herself and her younger siblings at a tender age. In this book, she outlines her story of refusing to settle for “No” as an answer and being called a failure. She rose through multiple failure of examination, hardship and rejection to become an award-winning teacher, a Radio Show Host, Mandela Washington Fellow and Founder of Feminine Star Africa, a non-profit that provides skills training and scholarships for girls and support the re-entry of teen mothers to school.

Through her painful experiences, she has developed life principles based on values such as perseverance, determination and sacrifice. She has shared, in this book, priceless life lessons to inspire and ginger young people to harness their inner power for greatness.

Proceeds from the sales of this book goes into providing scholarships for girls to further their education.


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“It should be noted that for there to be any outstanding piece of literature such as this book; its author must be intimately connected to the subject. Rita Siaw is not only connected, but she ‘lives’ in her work. In so doing touching the lives of thousands of young girls from the rainforest, Ghana’s Volta Region, where her Buem People are located. As a Nana of Buem Traditional Area, I have observed her work first-hand and provided some funding and technical support along the way. Thus I can validate my statement for eight years of association.” — Dr. John David Arnold, aka Nana Bloti Omaboyo I, Founder/CEO, PPEP Inc. (www.ppep.org) (Arizona, USA)

“This book outlines a journey of perseverance, tenacity and determination. It serves as a light of hope in the darkest times. You Are Unstoppable is a guide for the youth, a direction toward success and a must read for those who want to live a purposeful life.” — Dr. Annick Raissa Sidibe, Mandela Washington Fellow, Immunisation Advocacy Initiative Project Officer, WACSI (Burkina Faso)

“This is an excellent masterpiece on self-development and potential-discovery coming from the stable of a great lady making waves across the personal development arena. Tap into its rich wisdom; leverage on its methods and capitalise on its rich repertoire of simple but deep principles to live by to lift you higher.” — Conrad Kakraba, Author, Lecturer and Former Ghana Television Newscaster (Ghana)

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